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Dr. Omar Clark Fisher is an IBF Net Metaverse Scholar. His works are available as NFTs at our Affluence Platform.

Dr. Omar Clark Fisher

Author, Inventor, Teacher

Dr. Omar was born in Boston area of USA, one of the leading education capitals in the world. He pursued a career in management consulting with A.D. Little, Inc, the original management and science consulting firm started in 1888. As a resident consultant in Egypt, Dr. Omar assisted in the management transformation of the National Telephone company 1980-82. For the next nine years, he underwrote investment guarantee risks and development projects for USA’s Overseas Private Investment Corp (OPIC) and traveled extensively in 26 countries. During the 1990’s, Dr. Omar co-founded several Islamic Finance startups- (2) equipment leasing ventures (1992-94) and First Takaful USA for mutual insurance (1997-2000).

Dr. Omar lived 22 years in the Gulf region where he co-founded several Islamic financial startups: Takaful Ta’awuni, first revival of Takaful in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2000-04), Unicorn Investment Bank (Bahrain-2004-2010), and T’Azur, first regional Takaful company (Bahrain- 2007-10). He served on the Shariah Advisory Board of the Family Bank, Bahrain, during its formation and Board member and Advisor to the Chairman of Solidarity Takaful, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during its IPO (2011-12). 

His work in Islamic financial education began in 1997 with publication of a globally accepted “Takaful Training Manual”. In April 2000, Dr. Omar organized the first international conference on Takaful and Re-Takaful for 123 delegates from 12 countries at the College of Insurance, New York City, with live sessions streaming video over the internet. He earned his PhD. with honors in 2005 from International Islamic University of Malaysia and University of Delaware, USA with research on the “Financial and Operational Performance Characteristics of Takaful Mutuals as Compared with Stock Insurers.”

Dr. Omar is an internationally recognized speaker on topics of Islamic finance, Takaful, risk management, business development, financial intelligence and personal wealth building. His numerous articles and book chapters were published by: Islamica, RedMoney, EuroMoney, Middle East Insurance Review, etc. On Feb. 22, 2022, he organized with co-host Lameen Abdul-Mallick a global free educational webinar on the “Future of Money >2030” featuring 24 speakers from 14 countries; videos on YouTube channel.

He is author to: What is Takaful (Lebanon, 2004); Guide to Islamic Wealth-Building (Bahrain,2005); Guide to Financial Intelligence (Dubai, 2020); Conscious Wealth (Dubai, 2021); Conscious Leadership (Dubai, 2022). Also, Dr. Omar invented special elearning digital games: Money Personalities, Money Wounds, Bliss Cards and Abundance game. With a team of expert programmers, he developed several mobile apps for learning through gamification of money: MoneyPAL (banking app), Moola (chatbot), and Money Guru (chatbot comparing Islamic finance and insurance terminology to conventional terms).

Dr. Omar is an avid sailor, loves romantic poetry, active mentor to FinTech and Social Impact startups and enjoys teaching about Conscious Leadership www.omarfisher.com / www.consciouswealth.me / linkedin.com/in/dr-omar-fisher-5178787

How can We Empower Our Youth with Financial Literacy


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